Top 10 Useful Mac Hacks And Tips You Should Be Using Today

Top 10 Useful Mac Hacks And Tips You Should Be Using Today:- For some of us the usage of a Mac is herbal. Its like having any other arm or leg. For others it’s a piece more complex. all of us know a person who thinks “Mac” is synonymous with “utter chaos masked in glossy perfection”. regardless of what category you fall into, but, you’ll sincerely locate this list of 25 Mac Hacks and hints beneficial, or possibly even fun. And in case you know a person that would additionally advantage from those mac hacks, make sure to reveal them this listing.

1.Hot corners

Hot corners permits you to designate a few type of event that need to take region whilst you scroll your mouse into one of the 4 corners of your screen. for example, you may set it up in order that when you place your mouse inside the bottom left your pc will go to sleep. that is one of those functions that is tough to live with out after you get used to it. you may configure hot corners in “disclose and areas” under system options.


Although it has capabilities like Iphoto, Mac doesn’t come with any superior pictures editing gear like Photoshop. the coolest element is that there are quite a few loose options accessible, the quality being Gimp. due to the fact it’s miles open supply there are even a few hacks that make it characteristic nearly precisely like Photoshop.

3.Activity monitor in dock


Via using this tool you advantage comparable functionality to the venture manager in windows. It is a superb concept to add this object in your dock because it will tackle some extra functionality. Its icon will surely show a pie chart of memory use and in case you need to pressure cease applications it will provide you with numerous extra statistics about procedures you’ve got going for walks.


Although iTunes is the default track participant for Mac many humans decide on using some thing else. Songbird is one such opensource opportunity with a view to come up with myriad of functions to manipulate all of your track documents.

5.Built in dictionary

This is one of the coolest capabilities on Mac and arguably every other motive to use native packages like Safari. that is because as long as you’re in Cocoa programs (things like Safari and TextEdit which can be local to Mac) you could press Ctrl-Cmd-D at the same time as hovering your mouse over a word and you may get hold of the dictionary definition.


That is one of the exceptional bit torrents for Mac. Its lightweight and due to the fact it is also open source you don’t need to fear approximately anyone playing games with you to get your cash. now not most effective this however it really works fantastic and was styled to fit proper into the Mac GUI.

7.Open-with defaults

If you are bored with always specifying what software to use to open documents of the same type do this: open one of the files and click on “get information”. this could bring up a whole lot of statistics about the document so discover the segment that announces “open with”. choose the program you want to use after which press “change All”. from now on every record of this kind will open with that program.

8.Right click

This has been the bane of many someone’s existence who has made the transfer from pc to Mac. The truth of the matter though, is that it shouldn’t be a problem. Mac really will support proper-clicking as long as you allow it. you’ll do this by victimization reaching to system preferences » Trackpad.

9.Custom Dock

The dock is one amongst those options distinctive to raincoat that individuals either love or hate. due to the fact Mac doesn’t absolutely deliver humans many options in relation to customization there are lots of plugins and hacks obtainable to perform this. One plugin that works properly is Candybar. It offers you a wide kind of styling alternatives and lets you customise your dock pretty without difficulty.

10.Screen Dim

In case you travel tons otherwise you simply wish to conserve your battery lifestyles you will just like the reality that your raincoat robotically dims the screen to stay your batteries. every so often this could be traumatic, but, and it may be modified via going to device preferences » power Saver and deciding on the options for “battery”.

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